Data Protection 

Makeupboxlondon shall comply with the data protection policy when handling personal data in the course of anybody associated with the company ; to include employees, chaperones, assistants, parents, and all children involved with us. We will also comply with all social media and IT polices .

From now the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) will come into effect. Respecting your Data is important and we are taking numerous steps to ensure we comply with this new EU regulation that relates to how personal information is stored and processed .

Anyone who is currently associated with us will be part of our Data base whether this be directly or indirectly, and we will use the data stored to contact you about any information about Makeupboxlondon and other relevant information in line with Makeup and Hair preferences, Bridal and general updates on our services. 

The lawful basis we use for this process is “Legitimate interest” this is covered in GDPR,the ICO recommend that companies using this basis conduct a legitimate interests assessment (LIA) and we have of course done this.



You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data that we hold and use .

And the rights are as follows

Fair processing Of how we use your personal information.

Request access This is so you can see exactly what information we hold about you.

Request correction This is so you have the right to see what we hold and should there be anything that needs correction you can.

Request to delete files, if you have had a service and choose for us to not hold any information about you.

Objection of process  Of your personal data where we may use your data for Marketing or Social Media

Who we share your personal information with

We will only share your personal information with any third party for legitimate reasons and we will only provide your personal information which we consider is necessary for Bridal/wedding purposes. 

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