Organic Camellia Oil “the beauty secret of the geishas”


This summer i visited Los Angeles to meet the talented make-up artist Julie Hewett who created the red lipsticks for Pearl Harbour she has worked on George Cloooney, Jennifer Anniston to name but a few.  It was a hot summers day in August, i walked up to the white picket gates of Julie Hewett’s house a little nervous but filled with excitement and intrigue.  I was greeting by her team of staff and the lady herself.  She spent time with me to go over her make-up range and her top tips for make-up application.  All her range is organic and i was given a bag of goodies to bring home for my brides.  She then brought out a palette with a range of bridal colours in different eyeshadow shades and contouring palette and decided to call it the “Paisley Bridal Palettte”.  Julie then descirbed how she uses this secret ingredient on her A list Celebrities – she calls it the “Camellia Oil” I now have this product that is used on my mother of the brides and the brides themselves.  It was featured in Vogue Magazine and has many benefits.

Benefits of Camellia Oil


– moisturises, smoothes and nourishes skin. You use three drops in the morning and three drops in the evening.

– it is a vitamin packed formula rich in anti-oxidants and essential nutrients with more healing properties then argan oil

– full of essential fatty acids that are similar to the one’s in your skin so it penetrates quickly without being oily and won’t clog pores

– it has anti-ageing properties that help soften the look of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sun damage.

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